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          2. COFCO Oils & Oilseeds

            A leader in the domestic oil industry engaged in processing, warehousing, trading and distribution of oils and oilseeds such as soybean, rapeseed, peanut and palm oil, etc., and sales of Fortune cooking oil.

            There are 30 manufacturing facilities under COFCO Oils & Oilseeds’ management with an annual oilseeds processing capacity of  21.8 million tons, equipped with oils refining capacity of 6 million tons and oils filling capacity of 5 million tons, ranking first in Asia. Annual sales of bulk oil, packaged oil, meal and specialty oils reached 15.7 million tons. COFCO Oils & Oilseeds is a major supplier of the Fortune brand packaged edible oil and the owner of other various well-known brands such as Fourseas, Xiyingying and so on.

            Fortune is a pioneer in Chinese consumer packaged edible oil industry. As a COFCO strategic brand in grain and oil industry, Fortune edible oil has been accredited the ISO9001 International Quality Management System and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certifications. For the past eight consecutive years, Fortune was honored as the Model Company of Food Safety by 12 governmental departments and relevant agencies, such as the National Development and Reform Commission, Administration of Industry and Commerce, China Food and Drug Administration, etc. Fortune has also been chosen as the “Strategic Partner for China’s Aerospace Industry”. With the fastest growing brand value in the oil and grain industry, Fortune has been selected as one of BrandZ’s “Top 50 Brands in China” for many years.

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